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NSN 3Sixty is your sourcing solution for all the Din Connectors parts and other connectors that you require, presenting high caliber offerings with competitive pricing and rapid lead times. On this page, you can find all of the part numbers that we have in stock for Din Connectors connector part type, including top-requested components such as DIN-096RPC-S1-FJ, DIN-032CPB-SR1-HM, DIN-048CSC-PSL-HM, DIN-048CSC-PW1-HS, DIN-064RPB-DPS-TR, and other relevant items. Explore our ever-expanding part type catalogs as you see fit, and keep in mind that every listing is available for purchase at any time. To begin the fulfillment process, of Din Connectors electronic parts click on the “RFQ” button situated next to any featured item to be directed to a Request for Quote (RFQ) form. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or concerns, and one of our team members would be more than happy to assist you however they can!

Manufacturer's List of Din Connectors

Part Number's List for Din Connectors

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
DIN-096RPC-S1-FJ 3m electronics standard card edge connectors 16p strain relief Avl RFQ
DIN-032CPB-SR1-HM 3m electronics din/96p/r-hdr Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-PSL-HM 3m electronics din 41612 connectors 48p vertical socket din 41612 conn din socket 32pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-PW1-HS 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/5.99mmprft/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPS-TR 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/4.80mmprft/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPS-HS 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&b/3.99mm/10au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPW1-KT 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/4.80mmprft/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-032RPB-DPW1-HS 3m electronics din/32p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S1-HS 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048RPC-DPS-HS 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PW1-GG30 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/5.99mmprft/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-S110-KT 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/3.99mmst/ret/10au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048RPC-DPW1-TR 3m electronics din/48p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/4.80mmprft/10au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-S3L-HM 3m electronics conn din socket 64pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-150CSC-PSL-TR 3m electronics conn power clamp socket 20awg Avl RFQ
DIN-048RPC-DPW1-HS 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/2.29mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096SH-600-1 3m electronics din/96p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PW2-GG30 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/13.00mmprft/fdth/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-032RPB-S1-KT 3m electronics din/32p/c-skt/a, b&c/3.99mm st/ret/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-032RPB-DPW1-TR 3m electronics din/32p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PW1-MH 3m electronics din/150p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096RPC-S1-TG30 3m electronics din/96p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10ni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-R1L-KR 3m electronics conn din socket 96pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-120RSC-RR1L-MH 3m electronics din/120p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/16.99mmprft/fdth/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PS-HS 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/13.00mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
62B64-1000EC 3m electronics pin & socket connectors socket pull tab Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PW1-TR 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/13.00mmprft/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-150RSC-RR1L-MH 3m electronics din/150p/r-plug/a, b,&c/3.99mm st/10au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-PW1-GG30 3m electronics socket, idc, din41612, 96way; connector type:din 41612; gender:socket; ways, no. of:96; termination Avl RFQ
DIN-096RPC-S1-KR 3m electronics conn din plug 96pos r/a gold Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-R1-KT 3m electronics din/150p/c-skt/a,b,&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSD-S1L-KT 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/3.99mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S3L-TR 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-096RPC-DPW1-TR 3m electronics din/96p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096RPC-W-HS 3m electronics din/96p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-R1L-HS 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni Avl RFQ
7164-50B2TH 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/5.99mmprft/fdth/30au Avl RFQ
7164-60B5TH 3m electronics standard card edge connectors 10p slotted flanges Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-W-MH 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-S1L-MH 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-PSL-TR 3m electronics din/120p/c-skt/a,b,&c/2.29mmst/rohs Avl RFQ
7064-50B5TH 3m electronics standard card edge connectors 34p strain relief Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S3L-HS 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048RPC-S1-TG30 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/3.99mmst/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-S3L-MH 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-W-TG30 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/13.00mmprft/fdth/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-120RPC-DPW2-KT 3m electronics din/120p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-032CSB-S1-MH 3m electronics din/32p/c-skt/a&c/5.99mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-150RPC-R1-HS 3m electronics din/150p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/13.16mmprft/fdth/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-S1L-HS 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-096RSC-RR1-KR 3m electronics conn din socket 64pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSD-S1-TR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/2.29mmst/10pdni din 41612 connectors 64p vertical socket din 41612 Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PS-TG30 3m electronics din/64p/b-skt/a&b/vert/2.5mmst/15au Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-S1L-HS 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/16.99mmprft/30au/rohs din 41612 connectors 96p socket 3.99mm Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-S1L-TR 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-S1L-KT 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/16.99mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-120CSC-PSL-TR 3m electronics din/96p/shroud/17.00mm/arborprsinstl Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-W-HS 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/2.29mmst/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S1L-MH 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/16.99mmprft/fdth/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-S110-TR 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-PSL-TG30 3m electronics din/120p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSD-S1L-HM 3m electronics conn din socket 64pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPW1-TR 3m electronics din/150p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-PW1-TR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/5.99mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
7064-60B3TH 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-PS-GG30 3m electronics wire-to-board connector; no. of contacts:50; pitch spacing:0.1''; no. of rows:2; mounting type:header Avl RFQ
DIN-096RPC-DPS-TG30 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a,b,&c/13.00mmww/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-096RSC-RR1L-KR 3m electronics conn din socket 64pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-PS-KR 3m electronics conn din socket 64pos r/a gold Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-R1L-TR 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/16.99mmprft/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-R3L-TR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/3.99mmst/10pdni Avl RFQ
7164-60B2TH 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/4.80mmprft/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-PSL-TR 3m electronics din/48p/r-hdr/a,b&c/2.79mmst/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-120RPC-S1-KT 3m electronics din/120p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/13.16mmprft/fdth/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-S1L-MH 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/3.99mmst/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S1-TR 3m electronics din/150p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-150RPC-DPS-KT 3m electronics din/150p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-S1-KT 3m electronics din/150p/r-skt/a,b,&c/ra/3.18mmst/ret/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-PW2-MH 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/13.00mmprft/fdth/30au Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-W-GG30 3m electronics din/96p/c-skt/a,b,&c/2.29mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S1-TG30 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-R1L-HM 3m electronics conn din socket 64pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPS-KT 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&b/3.99mm & st/10pdni Avl RFQ
7164-60B3TH 3m electronics standard card edge connectors 16p slotted flanges Avl RFQ
DIN-120RPC-DPW1-RR 3m electronics din/120p/c-skt/a,b,&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-S110-MH 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/3.99mmst/ret/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPW1-HS 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/4.80mmprft/10au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPS-HM 3m electronics conn din plug 48pos r/a gold Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-R1L-TR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/16.99mmprft/fdth/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-096RPC-S1-HS 3m electronics din/96p/r-hdr/a,b,&c/16.99mmprft/fdth/30au/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-S3L-HS 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/2.99mmst/ret/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-032CSB-S1L-HS 3m electronics din/64p/b-skt/a&b/vert/13.0mmst/15au Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSD-S3L-HS 3m electronics din/64p/r-hdr/a&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-048RPC-S1-HM 3m electronics din 41612 connectors 48p inverse vrt plg din 41612 conn din plug 32pos r/a gold Avl RFQ
DIN-048CSC-S3L-TG30 3m electronics din/48p/c-skt/a,b,&c/2.29mmst/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSD-S1L-TR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/13.00mmww/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSD-S3L-TR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&b/3.99mm & st/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ
DIN-064RPB-DPW1-HM 3m electronics conn din plug 48pos vert gold Avl RFQ
DIN-096CSC-PSL-RR 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&b/2.29mm/10pdni Avl RFQ
DIN-064CSB-PS-MH 3m electronics din/64p/c-skt/a&c/4.80mmprft/10pdni/rohs Avl RFQ

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